Fox Hat Brewing
Fox Hat Brewing


Why the fox hat you ask? On the last occasion that Prince Charles visited Australia, he attended a function in wagga wagga where he met with dignitaries, including the mayor. The mayor questioned the chosen headwear worn by the prince, to which he responded that her majesty had instructed it. Earlier the Queen had quizzed Prince Charles on his plans for the day. He informed her that he was heading to a function in wagga wagga, to which she responded, ‘wear the fox hat?’

Our brewers have unleashed and are taking no prisoners. Much like her majesty’s wicked sense of humour, the brews are full of passion and life. It has come time to unleash the inner beast with edgy and bold flavours that push the boundaries. Drink up!

Enjoy Fox Hat Brewing - locally and independently brewed in South Australia 

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Fox Hat Brewing

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