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  • Kilt Scotch & Cola, 375ml 8% Alc.

    Kilt Scotch & Cola, 375ml 8% Alc.

    Kilt Blended Scotch Whisky pays tribute to the tradition of Scotland; providing a quality Scotch that embodies the true character of the country. The kilt originated in Scotland as the traditional dress of men in the Scottish Highlands. Today the kilt can only be worn by a man who has no doubts about himself. He wants to be seen and he wants to stand out. Kilt Scotch Whisky is a confident homage to the tradition of Scotland, both jocular and strong. Kilt a cheeky cheers from a crafty Scot. 

    Region : Scotland
    Flavour : Quality scotch whiskey blended with cola - smooth with a slightly smoky scotch finish
    8% Alc.

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