Beenleigh Artisan Distillers

Beenleigh Artisan Distillers

Beenleigh is Australia’s oldest operating distillery, surrounded by both sugarcane and rum distillery history. We created Australia’s original Rum, back before even Coca Cola was invented. Over 136 years later we’re still crafting small-batch rum the traditional way, at our distillery on the banks of the Albert River in Eagleby QLD.

We source Australia’s finest molasses from the country’s only remaining family-owned sugar mill and others across Queensland- the ‘sweet-spot’ of Australia’s sugarcane industry.

Every drop of our golden liquid ages gracefully in handmade Brandy Maturation Vats and American Oak Casks to create Beenleigh’s distinctive, luscious flavour and its velvety-smooth finish.

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