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When it comes to occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or welcoming in the New Year, there is no style of wine more popular than sparkling wine. It is celebration in a bottle. The fizzy, flavourful blend of sparkling wine is an established cultural icon that helps to bind friends and families creating memorable occasions.
Australian sparkling wine consists of many different styles, each unique and offering a distinctive flavour experience. Sippify, a one-stop, online shop has all you may need when it comes to sparklings, so make your choice and have it delivered directly to your door. The assortment consists of sparkling shiraz, sparkling rosè, prosecco, brut and sparkling white wine online.
Sparkling Shiraz – A sparkling shiraz combines the rich taste of a still shiraz - flavours of dark berries, cherry, and spices – with the softness from light and airy fizz of a sparkling.
Sparkling Rosè – A delicate wine, pale pink in colour with a crisp dry finish. Ranging from light and floral to rich and fruity in flavour a sparkling rosè offers a refreshing aroma for your palate.
Prosecco – A light-bodied, vibrantly crisp sparkling wine. Originating in Italy, Prosecco is simple in flavour making it the choice accompaniment for many sparkling cocktails.
Brut – A very dry sparkling with just a slight hint of sweetness due to its very low sugar content.
Sparkling White – A bright, acidic sparkling that refreshes the palate with an abundance of light bubbles resulting from its fermentation process.
Cheers with your family and friends with one of the sparkling wines Sippify has to offer, the choice wine style for special occasions.



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