Must Try Premix Vodka Drinks

23rd street vodka soda on a cheese board with grapes

Premixes and vodka premix drinks have gained a lot of popularity over the years as a perfect fit for parties and get-togethers. They contain vodka as the base spirit with a mix of soft drinks, fruit juices, or other mixers. These drinks are aplenty and readily available online, and with that much choice, you may be left a little unsure about which ones you might like. So, we’ve come up with our favourites that are a must-try. Scroll down to see what we think.

What Is A Premix Drink?

Premixed drinks are a range of spirited drinks or premix cocktails that come from the factory already mixed and then sold as ready-to-drink beverages. These drinks cover a wide range of categories. Moreover, they have different terms or names in different parts of the world. Some common names include; RTD (ready-to-drink), alcopop, wine or spirit cooler.

Our Must Try Vodka Premixes

Vodka premixes offer some delicious, colourful, and flavourful drinks that are definitely worth trying. Here’s are some of our favourites:

HiNRG Vodka Energy Drink

If you are looking for a party starter, this is the premix vodka to kick it all off. It has a double-distilled vodka with a unique flavour. Each can is 250ml with an alcohol volume of 6.50%. It's lightly carbonated with a mix of guarana and taurine that will give you the energy to hit that dance floor. This ready-to-drink vodka comes in a sleek, easy to use slim can. It's also highly recommended for anyone looking to chill indoors or take some easy to have drinks for a house party, BBQ night, or family get-together. It saves you the time and energy of buying different ingredients and mixing them to achieve the perfect vodka mix.

Vok Premixed Vodka

Vok has a whole bunch of tremendously tasty cocktail premixes for any and every mood or occasion. For the summer ahead, try out their Passionfruit Collins that comes in 250ml cans with a very reasonable 4% ALC. The premix comes with vodka, lemon Juice and soda water combination makes for a delightful summer drink, especially when chilled.

VOK also offers another fun premix in the shape of its flavoursome Fruit Tingle cocktail premix that is based on blue curacao, vodka, grenadine & soda Water. You can’t go wrong with its refreshing taste at 4% alcohol, perfect for every occasion.

can of Vok passionfruit collins on a table with some cut passionfruit

Twenty Third Street Distilled Vodka and Soda

This Twenty Third Street vodka premix comes in different flavours, in packs of 4 and 24; you can also buy single cans if you don't feel like stocking them at home. Each flavour comes with smooth vodka. You can buy this online; it isn't too sweet and comes with a perfect balance. It's gluten-free, with no sugar or carbs. The cans are 300ml and have an alcohol volume of 5%. Moreover, this drink is vegan and has no added preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours.

You can start off with Twenty Third Street's Rose Vodka premix that has a very delicate rose flavour. Sophisticated and sparkling, this premix is made with pure soda water that elevates and freshens, while the river mint flavours support and lengthen the entirety of its experience.

Or try another favourite from Twenty Third Street's Australian Vodka and Soda with blood orange. Don’t be misled by its simple and straightforward name, this premix comes with a zest for freshness and its subtle sweetness sparkles with every sip. Again, pure soda water elevates and freshens, while the blood orange makes for a great citrus flavour.

 23rd street distillery vodka and soda can on outdoor table with plates of food

If you love vodka, vodka premixes will surely be your thing and take things to the next level for that matter. They offer great consistency and rich flavours with just the right amount of alcohol and take the effort of creating your only mixed drinks away. They are perfect for small and big parties, family gatherings, basically any get-togethers. Moreover, they come in various varieties, and if you could be spoilt for anything, you may as well be spoilt for vodka premixes to choose from.

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