The Best Liqueurs For Your Home Bar

three bottles of vok liqueurs on table with pink cocktail in a glass

What’s sweeter than some good old liquor? It’s liqueur! A liqueur is simply liquor with added sugar and flavour.

The choice is plentiful when it comes to stocking your home bar. But rest assured, you don’t have to stock your home bar with everything you can lay your hands on for the best mix. Instead, try customising your bar according to what you’ll like.

Here are the top liqueurs you should have in your home bar.

  1. Vok Liqueurs

No proper home bar is complete without at least one Vok liqueur. Vok drinks bring out a celebration of rich sweet aroma, colour, and creativity to make the perfect cocktails. You can’t go wrong with a choice of over 22 different flavours, perfect for any mood and occasion. If you don’t want to mix them or are pressed for time, they also come in ready-to-drink cans, premixed to perfection. Here’s some of our favourites:

bottles of vok liqueurs lined up on a kitchen bech with a cocktail and shaker

  • Coffee Liqueur

With a rich exotic flavour of Arabica coffee beans, this liqueur is a must have for lovers of coffee. Give your next cup of coffee a twist by adding VOK Coffee Liqueur, or serve chilled over ice or mix up an Espresso Martini. For an easy dessert at your next dinner party, pour over a couple of scoops of icecream – yum!!!

  • Banana Liqueur

VOK Banana Liqueur is almost a must-have in a home bar. Banana liqueurs offer the best at-home mixology with a rich sweet taste of bananas. The options are endless with this one, enjoy straight up, mix up for a cocktail or add for some deliciously sweet shooters.

  • Creme de Menthe

With an alcohol content of 20%, VOK Creme De Menthe liqueur offers a great cocktail solution for when you are just chilling with friends or after a long day at work. You’ll find an alluring mint taste that is refreshing and satisfying. It’s the one drink you can’t afford to miss in your home bar.

  • Butterscotch Schnapps

If you are fond of creamy drinks infused with rich, fresh butterscotch flavour, the VOK Butterscotch Schnapps is a drink you must have in your home bar. You can enjoy this drink straight or mix up a cocktail for any occasion. Purchased as a bottle of 500ml with an alcohol content of 20%. You can garnish the glass with cinnamon powder and an apple fan, topped with some ice for cocktails. If you have friends over, this drink will make the best serving.

Vok liqueur bottles on a counter with other beverages

  • Melon Liqueur

If you love cocktails, you will need VOK melon liqueur in your home bar collection. You can use this rich drink to make Melon Envy and Kiwi Melon Smash. Riverland Passion, Garden Delight, and Dirty Sex On The Beach cocktails. With an alcohol content of 20%, this drink offers the best mixology, perfect for hosting any occasion. Infused with a vibrant taste of melon, crack it open for summer and enjoy the refreshing taste!

  • Strawberry Liqueur

Your VOK liqueur collection for a home bar isn’t complete without a touch of VOK strawberry liqueur. You can get it in a 500ml bottle with an alcohol content of 20% and in 250ml cans that come in a pack with an alcohol content of 4%. The VOK strawberry Liqueur offers a succulent aroma and flavours of fresh strawberries. Moreover, it offers the perfect at-home mixology for cocktails like Strawberry Gin Smash, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Dirty Sex On The Beach.

  • Vanilla Liqueur

This is a must for a well-stocked home bar. This is usually a combination of vanilla flavour and spirit. VOK Vanilla Liqueur delivers rich, smooth aromas and flavours of vanilla you will love. For a bottle of 500ml, the alcohol content is only 17% which makes it suitable for any occasion, perfect for adding into any cocktail, experiment by adding to your favourite cocktails, or try a Vanilla Martini.

  • Curacao Liqueur

For cocktail lovers, nothing tastes better than a perfectly mixed cocktail with Blue Curacao Liqueur. This liqueur will add taste to your home bar and colour because of its bright blue appearance. Add this liqueur to your shopping cart for that refreshing flavour of orange peel with a sweet but not-too-sweet taste.


  1. Black Bottle Classic Brandy Liqueur

Are you looking for great liqueurs with great taste while also delivering aesthetics on your home bar? The Black Bottle Classic Brandy liqueur will add a Decadent Traditional brandy to your bar. It has a blend of a single pot and continuously distilled brandies. After ageing for two years in French and American oak, the drink has an infusion of orange in homage to the Riverlands orchards.

  1. Beenleigh Rum Liqueur

This liqueur comes in a similar bottle as the Black Classic Brandy Liqueur but measures 750 ml with an alcohol content of 20%. It has a luscious aroma of plum and apricot stone fruit. It is pronounced yet silky with a long delightful finish. If you love having rum for your dessert, Beenleigh Rum Liqueur will give you the perfect dessert rum liqueur, which you can use as a Christmas cake delight or a winter warmer. 

botttle of beeleigh rum and rum in a glass on top of a barrel

  1. Lychee Martini At Home Cocktail Kit

The Lychee Martini will be a great addition to your home bar collection if you are fond of delicate cocktails. It has some unusual cocktail features but a satisfying sweet taste of Lychee fruit. When you get this cocktail kit, you will get VOK Lychee Liqueur, 500ml, Tinned Lychees, 23rsd Street Distillery Australian Vodka, 200ml or 700ml, Maidenii Dry vermouth, 50ml, and a Recipe card. From this, you can whisk the perfect sweet aroma cocktail fit for any occasion.


There are some other great liqueurs we’ve been unable to cover here, but we’ll surely be back with more. Liqueurs are a little bit like dessert; you’ll like some and love some! So give these great liqueurs a shot if you haven’t already.


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